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This page lists tools that are available to visualize, explore, and work with marine data.

Disclaimer: Please note that The Florida Marine Data Hub website is continually being updated, and that new information is being added weekly. Consequently, not all pages are completed and we apologize in advance if you cannot find what you are looking for. If you would like to contribute knowledge to any page,    reach out to


By the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management & NOAA's Office for Coastal Management

NOAA Office for Coastal Management have developed and launched a web-based tool for generating comprehensive reports from ocean areas that users specify. The reports contain information about:

  • General Information (statistics, physical characteristics and jurisdictional information)

  • Energy and minerals, such as offshore wind potential, oil & gas resources and more

  • Natural resources and conservation, (habitat information, migratory/endangered species, etc.)

  • Oceanographic and biophysical (climatological information, prevailing weather conditions)

  • Transportation and infrastructure (marine vessel traffic, anchorage areas, and more)

  • Economics and commerce (details on marine-dependent jobs in the area, and commercial activities

OceanReports launches directly from a web browser, and users may view the reports online, or download them as PDFs.

Florida Geographic Information Office

By the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The Florida Geographic Information Office is a state-run agency working to support and improve the GIS efforts in Florida, and to collaborate with the various communities throughout the state. This includes a data portal where users can search for and access not only marine data, but a multitude of other data types as well, such as economy, health, transportation and more. They also monitor statewide initiatives pertaining to geospatial data collection and dissemination, and provide helpful links and documents on a broad variety of subjects.

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